Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Many Happy Returns

Sometimes big projects deserve, no demand, one's entire attention.  Such was the case for a photo book project that has occupied my time between the most recent and this post.  All unnecessary tasks--blogs, facebook, eBay, etc., etc.--had to take a back seat.  Almost every spare moment was set to task due to a looming deadline.  Even a vacation to Florida consisted of equal parts "laptop" and "laps around the pool."
So it's only natural to undergo a bit of "postpartum" depression when the last photo is sent and the last correction verified.  And after such intense and solely concentrated effort, getting back into the swing of things takes some adjustment.  Naturally, some re-evaluation takes place; "if I could get by without it for three months, maybe it wasn't that important to begin with..." is asked of oneself.  Time spent well is more and more important as one gets older.  Wasted time is lost time.  I could never enjoy playing a video game at my age for I know that, even in one's late 40s, "lost" time is just that.  It can never be revisited.
The good news is there are several issues I've back-burnered that would go well as future subjects.  And as soon as I remember them, I'll post.  Welcome back, Spare Time.